Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Found Metals Project

During the second quarter of first semester, we went to welding to learn the processes of another type of 3-D art. Our project was to create something using found metal from the Bollman welding lot.

I was inspired by a lot of the wall hangings that are made from metal and used for decoration.

I am not happy with the out come of this piece, due to the fact that not every piece is centered and facing the correct way.

During the project, I noticed that the piece was getting too flimsy and I don't know if it will function as a wall piece so I still have not decided whether or not I will make it work as a wall piece or transform it into something else, such as a table. I also have to decide what color i would like to paint my piece because I do not like the rust that is on the metal.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scholastics Platter

This is a Celadon Platter, thrown in stoneware, with Tom Coleman's porcelain slip then applied to the inside of the platter. I used Matt Long's Fraizer Green on the inside of my platter and Orange shino on the outside of the platter. This piece was fired in ^10 reduction.

I am happy with the results, I especially like the lines made by the porcelain slip because it allowed the glaze to pool into the lines, creating various contast in the deepness of the colors.

This was photographed and sent into scholastics, where it will be judged and hopefully accepted into the show within Colorado and possibly sent into the national show.

I was inspired by Matt Long and his use of procelain slip within his work. In future times, I would like to create a platter that is larger in size.

The Diner Set

This is my set of six mugs. I named it "The Diner Set" because it looks closley related to a mug that you would use if you went to a restaurant, such as Denny's or Ihop.

These cups are fired to ^10 reduction with Alegheny Meadow's Haynes Satin White and Matt Long's Green Celedon on the inside of the mugs.

I am somewhat upset with the outcome of the cups because the glaze was applied the wrong way and has many different heavily applicated spots, along with spots with little glaze.

This project helped me in creating mug forms that are closley related or the same and learning the process on how to pull handles. I am glad I learned this process because I can then take my skills learned from this project and more effectively create similar forms to be united as a set.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coke a Cola Cases and Glass Bottles

Coke a cola cases and glass coke bottles are art in themselves, and the art in this form is rarely seen anymore because we have resorted to plastic. Plastic is now being used because of the risk of breaking the crates or bottles while shipping and not to mention cheaper and easier to produce over any other material.

I think that it is more comforting to drink out of a glass bottle than it is to drink out of a plastic bottle or aluminum can. In America it is a privlage to get coke in a bottle because it is so rare. For me I enjoy drinking things out of glass because it makes you feel older and more superior. It brings me to the point where you have to ask the question "Would you rather drink coke out of a glass bottle or out of a plastic bottle?". Your response may be based off of function or off of form.

I would really like to make a survey asking whether people like drinking out of a plastic bottle or can over a glass bottle or vice versa. It would be really interesting to find out cultural reasons why people do what they do.

This really inspires me to make a set of bottles out of clay, fired to ^10 that people can drink coke a cola out of over plastic and aluminum, which both destroy our environment.

I could also connect this project to saving the environment because plastic is a bad material for the environment and is not always reusable, where as bottles can be.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Newly fired pieces!!!

These two photos are the bowls that I have been working on and it feels to me that the lines give this set unity because of their simitarities. These bowls are glazed with Gold Luster Shino at ^10. I am very happy with this piece bacause of the glaze quality and the unity that brings the piece together.

This is the largest platter that I have made so far and it turned out great! I am very happy with the glaze quality, green celedon and Tenmoku. This piece is one of my best platters yet due to its size and glaze quality.

This platter is glazed with penn state shino with black stain. I love the glaze on this piece. It turned out great. This is just how I wanted it to look like. I love the line in this piece because it adds emphasis to the platter.

Moving onto Bigger, Better and Taller Forms

During the span of the last two or so weeks I have been working toward making larger and taller forms. This means learning how to throw large cylinders. My reasoning for wanting to work on cylinders is because I am enrolled in Bob Smith's Class at the Westminster Recenter for eight weeks during the summer. This means that I must be able to create tall forms on the wheel in order to raku and saggar fire, just as Bob Smith does at his studio in Evergreen, Colorado.

During this class I will be challenged to create beautiful, magnificent forms with the help of the famous potter Bob Smith who earlier in the year helped me with raku for my personal project. I'm very excited to be practicing on throwing cylinders because it will help be able to make many more things in hope to develop my style in art.

When making taller bottle forms, a huge inspiration to me is Karen Swyler. These bottles have such a perfect form that suits my style. I love the simplicity in the pieces that she creates and I think that her pottery has great movement and works together to create a whole.

I am also very inspired by Elaine Coleman because her bottle forms are very simple and I love how tall her bottle forms are. I like the balance of the form as well because the balance makes the peice look like it has great craftsmanship. The perfection in her forms is very appealing to my interests.

I don't like the glaze or surface texture of this piece because it seems too busy.
The type of glazing that we will be trying this summer will be saggar firing and raku firing with Bob smith, which also leads me to another one of my inspirations while making bottle forms.

The pictures below are some examples of some of Bob Smith's work.

This is a Saggar fired bottle with Terra Sigallata. (left)
This is bottle that is raku fired with ferric chloride. (right)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Platters Update!

I have finished a platter! The platter is dipped in penn state shino and then the design was painted on with iced white celedon. I love this 'platter' because of the movement of the piece. I am very happy with the outcome, especially with the glaze and the overall form of the piece.

This platter got an 'honorable mention' award in the most recent show that these pieces got sent to.

I also have many pictures of platters that are ready to be glazed and will be fired in the gas kiln within the next week or so...